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Jenny graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in environmental economics. She started her marketing career writing content for an early stage startup in Silicon Valley before working in marketing operations and affiliate marketing for tech companies in San Francisco. She now works at Four15 Digital helping clients with their SEM campaigns. Jenny was raised in southern California and resides in the East Bay. During her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking, wine tasting, cultural festivals and films.

Posts by Jenny

27 Nov 19

Age Targeting in Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Explained

05 Nov 19

Search Lost IS (Rank) Explained

09 Sep 19

How to Edit a Short Name

21 Aug 19

How to Use SEM For a Small-Scale Business in a Localized Area

08 Aug 19

Parallel Tracking in Google Ads

29 Jul 19

What is Yelp Strict Category Targeting and Does It Work?

15 Jul 19

How to Build a Google My Business Website

27 Jun 19

The Importance of Adding New Photos in Google My Business

18 Jun 19

Increasing Leads with Yelp Messaging

11 Jun 19

Three Things to Do After Every Meeting

24 May 19

Benefits to Verifying a Google My Business Account

16 May 19

How to Set Up Yelp Link Tracking

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Google & Facebook’s Machine Learning Competition for Ad Budgets Featuring Mike

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