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Keenan graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Marketing where he also played Division 1 soccer. Keenan brings his attention to detail and work-ethic from the soccer field into each and every account. Prior to Four15 Digital Keenan worked for an affiliate marketing company where he generated $250,000 of revenue in one month through Google and Facebook ads. Keenan is certified in Google Search, Shopping, Video, Display, and Mobile. He’s used his SEM knowledge to optimize businesses of all sizes, whether it’s B2B, B2C, or a non-profit Keenan has the skillset. In his free time, Keenan enjoys playing with his dog Karver, going on hikes, and hanging out with friends.

Posts by Keenan

24 Apr 19

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18 Feb 19

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Google Ads Conversion Attribution Models

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20 Dec 18

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20 Dec 18

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20 Dec 18

Why We Need to Customize Ad Extensions

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Google & Facebook’s Machine Learning Competition for Ad Budgets Featuring Mike

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