Google Ads Keyword Multiplier

September 21, 2018
What is the keyword multiplier tool?

Four15 Digital’s keyword multiplier tool allows you to create an extensive list of keywords for Google Ads quickly and effectively.

How to use the keyword multiplier tool

The tool itself is very easy to use. The box labelled “Primary Keywords” is where you input the main keyword you want to use. Input entries one per line with no tabs, commas, or other characters.

Example for a physical therapy clinic:


The following set of boxes (2 in total) allow you to create variations of the primary keywords.

Example for a physical therapy clinic:

Once you have your primary keywords and variations of those keywords you can select the match types that you want; broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match (defined below). After you have selected which match types you want, click “Generate Keywords”. The tool will generate a list of primary keywords matched with all possible variations you entered.

Example for a physical therapy clinic:

After the tool generates all the possible outcomes you can copy/paste your new keywords and use them for your Google Ads campaigns.

Other Notes

If you have an extra line in between two words the keyword tool will count the empty line as a word.

Example for an extra line:

This results in…

If there is an extra space in between the words then the keyword tool will consider this a word as well. However, an extra space at the end of the word will not be included in the output.

Example for extra spaces:

An extra space in between arm and injury resulted in an additional ‘+’ in the output for modified broad match keywords.

When you utilize more than two boxes, your output will be a combination of all inputs and all boxes.

Example for additional boxes

This would result in an output of 27 possible combinations. (3x3x3=27)



Definitions of Keywords
Broad Match

Broad match allows your ads to show when searches include misspellings, related searches, synonyms, and related words. Broad match keywords are the default for AdWords. (Fatemi, Shahrzad)

Example for A physical therapy clinic:

An ad with a keyword of ‘ankle injury doctor’ might show when someone searches ‘Find Ankle Doctor’.


Exact Match

Exact matched keywords only allow your ads to be shown when a search matches exactly or a very close variation. Exact matches are shown as [keyword]. (Fatemi, Shahrzad)

Example for A physical therapy clinic:

An ad with the keyword [ankle injury] may show when someone was to search ‘Ankle Injury’ or ‘Injury of Ankle’.


Modified Broad Match

Modified broad match are similar to broad match, except only show ads to searches that include the word or a close variation to the word with a plus sign in front. Modified broad matches are shown as +keyword keyword. (Fatemi, Shahrzad)

Example for A physical therapy clinic:

An ad with a keyword of +ankle injury +clinic may be shown when someone searches ‘Ankle rehab clinic.


Phrase Match

Phrase match keywords only allow ads to be shown when the search matches the keyword exactly or a variation of the keyword. However, the ads will not show if the search has the keywords rearranged or if there are words in between the keywords. Phrase matched words are shown as “keyword keyword”. (Fatemi, Shahrzad)

Example for A physical therapy clinic:

An ad with a keyword of “ankle injury rehab” may be shown to someone who searches ‘Ankle Injury Rehab’ or ‘where to find an ankle injury rehab.’