How to Distinguish Calls from GMB vs Google Ads Location Extensions

April 03, 2019

Google quietly released a new option that allows businesses to differentiate calls from Google My Business (GMB) and Google Ads location extensions. Prior to this, advertisers driving calls from GMB and location extensions were in the dark about tracking details from these sources. Unlike all the other ads and extensions in Google Ads that let you assign a specific phone number to use in your ad, location extensions were an exception because they utilized the number associated with your GMB. From a tracking standpoint, this had made it practically impossible to separate your paid efforts on Google Ads from your organic efforts on Google My Business.

Now you are able to designate a different phone number for your GMB profile and Google Ads location extensions so you can know for sure which source is triggering the call. We are looking forward to using this with our clients and improving call insights and attribution. This option is somewhat hidden so come follow along from your GMB dashboard to learn how to use this new feature today!

Navigate to Info on the leftmost pane on dashboard.

Add a phone number to be used for in the section “Google Ads location extensions phone.”

And that’s it!