How to Surpass $2 Bid Limit on Google Ads Grant Accounts

March 22, 2019

If you’re managing a Google Grant account, you’re more than likely familiar with the heavy-handed restrictions on these types of accounts, including the $2 maximum bid limit restriction. If you are running a an account with this bid limit, your campaign performance is severely restricted from running at its fullest potential.

In this blog we’ll show you a simple method you can use to get your bids to surpass this limit! Note, this method only works if your Google Ads Grant Account currently has conversion tracking set up. If you aren’t sure how to do this, check out Google’s helpful guide.


The Setup:

  1. Go to the Bid Settings for Your Google Grant Account Campaigns
  2. On the left side of the Google Ads interface, select the campaign to adjust the bid settings. You will repeat this process for every campaign in your account.


setup campaign


  1. Select the settings option:


settings option


  1. Once you go to the settings menu for your campaign, select the Bidding strategy section:

bidding strategy


  1. From here, adjust your campaign settings to focus on conversions if you have not already done so. Select the checkbox next to Set a target cost per action and input a Target CPA below your current campaign cost per action.


bid setting target cpa


If you are unsure of your current campaign cost per action (CPA), divide the total cost your campaign has spent in the past 30 days by the number of conversions the campaign has driven during that time frame.

If your campaign has not driven any conversions, go ahead and enter a target CPA more than twice your monthly campaign spend. If your monthly campaign spend is $100, enter a tCPA of $200 or more. This is just a placeholder and can be adjusted towards your goal after you start collecting conversions.


6. Click Save


Once you’ve saved your changes you’ve taken the first steps to helping your campaigns surpass the $2 Google Grant policy bid limit! You will need to check back on your campaigns in 1-2 days to see if your average CPC has increased and if you see an uptick in traffic.

If your campaign average CPC has not surpassed $2, repeat this method and set your tCPA even higher.