Integrating SEO and SEM

September 21, 2018

It’s a good idea to integrate your SEO and SEM activities, primarily because there are overarching benefits to introducing a holistic approach. You can maximize your digital reach and understand the intricacies of customer acquisition better.

If you acquire too much traffic that has a high bounce rate, Google may get a signal that the website isn’t providing reliable information. If SEO clashes with the keywords used in the SEM campaign, then Google will give you a low-quality score because of below average landing page experience. It’s best to ensure that there is cohesiveness between your SEO and SEM activities.

#1 SEO opportunities with SEM insights

One of the main ways that you can integrate SEO and SEM is that you can find what new keywords work better on what web pages. You can use Search Term reports from AdWords to identify which keywords drive high quality traffic. This can add immense value when considering which keywords or topics to invest in when it comes to SEO activities. You can change keyword descriptions, make the FAQ pages more brand-friendly and involve multiple sources of traffic that boost SEO activities as well.

#2 Boosting SEO Traffic –

When a company is launching an infographic or a new tool, or even an insightful article they can drive traffic to it through SEM. While your customers may be exactly the same when searching for certain topics, you can start by boosting your new content via SEM methods so that you can drive as much traffic to the content as possible. They might even rank you higher than evergreen content pages that have been active for months prior to your new developments.

#3 Analyzing & Mapping Keyword Trends –

You can get a much better idea of what keywords work best for your brand if you invest in SEM activities alongside SEO. You won’t really be able to see results in your SEO activity within a week or so, but you can see significant data on keywords via SEM. You can start by investing 10% of your overall SEM budget just on keyword research and analysis of which keywords are trending over periods of time.

There are lots of tips when it comes to integrating SEO and SEM. It helps to work with the right set of experts who can introduce the latest technologies and talents to your online marketing campaigns. Whether its retargeting or running a large-scale campaign, it always helps to look at SEO and SEM holistically.