What are Promotion Extensions

September 26, 2018

Promotion extensions are a clever way for advertisers to highlight special deals and offers. You can add more value to your ads by highlighting a particular promotion that you are running for a limited time, or indefinitely.

Appearance of Promotion extensions

They appear right below your ad, in an unobtrusive way, and create the perfect matching partner to your normal text ad. Users can click on the promotion extension and be sent to a destination of your choosing.

You can even utilize Google’s special occasion dates and deals, like “Women’s Day”, or “Christmas Deals”. This will help increase the relevancy of the promotion as well as increase the user experience when they see your ads.

The rules and settings

Promotion extensions display 1-2 lines of text that detail your promotion. The details include; the item, the discount, promo code, as well as criteria like ‘on orders over’. You can also add start and end dates.

There are two different start and end dates for promotion extensions. One set is for when the promotion is eligible to show with your ads, while the other date range is for when the promotion is actually active. Having two different start and end dates allows you to warm consumers for promotions that are coming up.

When it comes to formats, there are two major types – mobile and desktop. Promotion extensions can be viewed, edited and previewed before you make your final decision and have been shown to provide more context to the visitor. This added context has been shown to increase overall CTR on your ads.

When to use promotion extensions

Although its recommended to use promotion extensions during big holiday seasons, or when sales seasons spike for your industry, it’s also a good idea to do it on a regular basis. Ad inventory is cheaper during off-months and you drive a lot of traffic, for lower a CPC, during this time.

Cost of Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions are free for advertisers to add to their accounts. The cost of a click on a promotion extension is the same as the cost of click for a headline. You’ll be charged the same amount whether a user clicks on your headline or the promotion extension of that add.