What is an In-Stream Ad?

September 21, 2018

In-stream ads are a video advertising format that engages the customer directly through the power of online video content. Advertisers can engage with their customers while they are consuming onlines, whether they’re on Youtube or another leading site in the Google Display Network. In-stream ads appear in the beginning, middle and end of videos and are shown when users are streaming a show or viewing their favorite YouTube influencers.

Targeting and Placement

In-stream ads make up a significant portion of the video advertising inventory, which is why they are highly recommended to be used in the early stages of any campaign. They can be targeted strategically across various Youtube content, genres and audiences, allowing you to target your in-stream ads towards the groups you would want seeing your ads.

How in-stream ads work

In-stream ads operate through various models depending on what pricing model you prefer and how you want your ads to be shown to users. They appear not only on desktop websites but on mobile devices and websites that support mobile video viewing and can be shown when users are streaming Youtube or another site on their television. As previously mentioned, they appear in the beginning of a video, at various times within the duration of a video and at the end of a video.

You can overlay several CTAs and cards so that people can click on them to take action. Depending on the in-stream ad type, users have the choice to continue watching the ad or to exit the video ad and to continue streaming the content they were watching.

Tracking and monitoring

You would need to install a tracking pixel on your website so that Google can properly measure ad performance, track statistics on your ad and various actions taken by users that have clicked through your ads while they are on your site. This data will help you determine which of your ads are performing well and decide appropriate action needed for you to help make your campaigns successful.

You can track the entire performance of your campaign through Google Ads and can access the robust reporting available on key metrics that are important to you. After launching new in-stream ads, you can still edit creatie by changing key messaging or changing the creative entirely. You have the power to change various aspects of your ad after launch.