How to Create a Business Manager for Facebook

April 15, 2019

Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing tool. All types of companies; eCommerce, B2B, non-profits, enterprises, small businesses, you name it, they all utilize the Facebook advertising platform. With the custom audience targeting capabilities it’s easy to understand why big, and small name brands invest their marketing dollars into Facebook.

The first step to advertising and reaching new customers on Facebook is to make a business manager. In this blog I’ll walk you step by step on how to create a business manager and begin advertising on Facebook’s platform.


Create a business manager account

First you must go to and select “create account”.


business manager create account


Once you’ve selected “create account” you’ll be prompted to log into your personal Facebook account. Keep in mind you must have a personal Facebook account in order to create a business manager.

After you log in you’ll then need to enter your business name, select your primary page associated with this business, and then you’ll be allowed to enter your name and work email to be used for Facebook Ads notifications.


Setting up billing

The next thing you’ll need to do is set up your billing information. In order to find your payment settings select the settings (gear) icon in the upper right of your business or ad account. Then click on the “Payment Settings” section.


billing settings


Here is where you’ll find an option to “Add Payment Method”. Facebook accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, you can even connect it straight to your bank account. Four15 recommends to use a credit card or PayPal to be safe (and get those airline miles)!


payment method


Setting up your Facebook Pixel

In order to properly track your Facebook Ads you’ll need to set up a Facebook Pixel.

First go to the drop down menu at the business manager level, clicking on the 4 lines at the top left, and then under events manager select “Pixels”.


events manager


Once you’re in the “Data Sources” you can select “create pixel” and enter the pixel’s name and the website’s URL in which this pixel will be added to.


create facebook pixel


You’ll then be given a few options for how you’d like to install the new Facebook Pixel code to your website.


install pixel


Select the option you’d prefer and add the tag to your website!

In order to quickly check if your pixel is installed correctly you can use the Facebook Pixel Helper and make sure that it is working perfectly on your website. If you website is hosted by WordPress there is also a quick and easy widget that you can download and provide your Facebook Pixel’s information to. The widget will do all the html coding for you.

Once you’ve completed these three key actions your Facebook Ads account will be ready for you to start building campaigns. Four15 Digital specializes in all things digital marketing, if you need more help regarding campaign strategy, audience targeting, ad creation, campaign goals, or simply want to have us manage your account don’t hesitate to reach out!