How to Setup Google’s Latest Campaign Sub Type: YouTube Video Ad Sequences

December 07, 2018

Ad Sequences are Google’s newest feature that allows marketers to drive deeper awareness, engagement, and consideration in customers in all aspects of the buying stage and nudge them further along the sales funnel. They accomplish this by telling a specific sequence of stories that build interest, remind and reinforce an earlier ad, or to offer a unifying, closing message about your brand.

You decide which videos and the sequence they are shown to users. Branding helps consumers differentiate your product from competitors and can also demand value. If you want to set your business apart from the pack you’ve got to build your brand so customers see more than just your product – they feel affinity towards your vision and values.

In order to get started with Ad Sequences you must first start a new campaign, select your goal of either “Product and brand consideration” or “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance,” choose “Video,” then “Ad sequence.”

To avoid annoying users there also settings for frequency capping for your sequence and time scheduling. Then you will be prompted to choose between a daily budget or campaign total budget with a start and end date. Campaign total budgeting is based on the total amount you plan to spend for the duration of the campaign but you must also assign choose a start and end date. As usual, you can still target your ads based on device, languages, location, demographics like age, gender, etc. You can also apply audiences for in-market, remarketing, and affinity. You can exclude by content, inventory type, and digital content labels.

To start organizing your sequence you must create a new ad group for each sequence and select a bidding method. This useful feature allows you to set a target or maximum bid for each video in your sequence so that you can control how much you’re willing to spend each step along your video sequence. Videos for ads must be hosted on YouTube. For computers, a companion banner will accompany your ad and you can either upload an image or it will auto-generated images taken from videos from your video or YouTube channel. To link Ads to YouTube reference this page.

Repeat the process for the other videos in your sequence and voila! You’ll be able to view how each part of you sequence performs and optimize accordingly. We hope you’re as excited as we are to try out this new feature. We’ll be sure to report back with more findings as we build out these new Ad Sequencing campaigns.

We are excited to start using this new feature with our clients who already have video content on YouTube. We are in the process of producing more storytelling-videos that will hopefully grab the user, keep them hanging on the edge of their seat, leave an impact that lasts beyond our ad sequences, and motivate them to choose our business.